How to Deal with Binge Watching Depression: (4 Tips and Strategies)

Is TV becoming an outlet for you to escape your reality? 

Read until the end because I’m going to be sharing a free guide on how you can create the reality you want for yourself instead of running to the TV to fulfill your fantasies and desires.

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Do you feel like TV is consuming your life if you answered yes to that don’t worry because I used to feel like that too by the end of this article you’ll learn a few tips on how you can escape your TV addiction that might be making you feel depressed.

So let’s get right into the points.

Find a New Hobby 

For me, it became reading self-help development books, I remember having my first realization of how harmful TV was becoming in my life, when I was watching the show Breaking Bad, I remember an episode when two of the main characters were trying to get rid of a body by using some acid.

I remember in my head thinking “Oh take notes and if you don’t know my past and painful events that led to me thinking about murder.

So, I remember thinking in my head Oh take notes on that but at that time the man who had wronged me had passed away of a heart attack and then right after that thought,

I’m like “wait hold on the man that you wanted to murder so bad is dead now why are you still thinking about these thoughts?” and I didn’t realize that I was still having this obsession with murder and still thinking to myself you know picking up little things about murder and it was TV that always used to feed me these thoughts and like ideas,

because I remember even as a little boy I would be like “Oh take notes you know that’s a way you could get away with murder okay take notes take notes “and I had that realization and I’m just like okay so now I need to cut off TV because it’s just feeding me stuff that is not helping me.

So, I ended up going cold turkey from watching any TV and I started to read books as I said and that became a healthy obsession for me, so I was able to get away from TV because of the books don’t get me wrong Breaking Bad was an amazing show it had such a great storyline but as I said for me it was just not helping me so I did have to let it go.

Exercise Your Creative Energy 

When I stopped watching TV, I remember different things were happening to me and one of those things was that I was starting to become a lot more creative.

I remember starting to write to a lot more, I was able to write poems, my goals and my ideas which I never used to do when I used to watch TV and I started to dance a lot more and I allowed myself to feel that creative energy and just allowed it to express through me.

I feel like TV is designed for us to kind of escape our reality because you know our day-to-day life can become boring and I get that, TV is designed for us to be hooked by it because of the way it is and the way it’s so creative,

because a lot of people don’t exercise their creative energy, it’s an outlet for us to feel like we’re being creative but that becomes kind of dangerous when we’re just watching TV all the time because these ideas are spoon-fed to us it doesn’t allow us to use our creative energy which is it’s not that good you know what I mean.

Find Something Physically Active to Do 

Once we start getting hooked on a TV show, it’s hard to realize what’s going on around us, sometimes we might watch an episode or two only two or three hours have passed by and we don’t even know it or we’re eating unconsciously and then, in the end,

you feel horrible about yourself because we feel like we wasted time and then you just ate a bunch of food that made you feel bad and I get it nobody wants to be exercising after a long day,

but I promise you if you do even thirty minutes three times a that will make you feel a lot better, and it will change your mood. TV can never do that because exercise will make you feel more energy it will make you feel more accomplished. I recommend you check out these exercises to stay healthy and active.

Find an Alternative Entertainment 

For me it became YouTube and I get that YouTube can also become a binge-watching effect that’s when you have to monitor it right and do something productive with YouTube.

For me I was watching spiritual stuff and I was watching tips and tricks and all of these things help me grow and expand as a human being.

So, when you’re on this do it in a way that can be productive, I would suggest trying to pick up a skill or talent that you want to learn, use and take advantage of all the great people who spend time putting effort and energy into teaching these skills for free you’ll never know how much information I learned on YouTube that helped me.

Sidenote to all of this I am NOT suggesting or telling anybody to quit TV all I am saying is that you should moderate it and give yourself a time limit and stick to it .

Now you know how and why I cut TV out of my life and how it was the start to my spiritual healing if you’re interested in a guide, I created for spiritual healing go grab that is down below.

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