make money from music

How to Make Money From Music ( 5 Proven Ways)

How can I make money from my music as an upcoming artist? There are many ways you can go about this, but here are five of the most successful and reliable routes you can take to make money from your music. I’ve ranked them in order of difficulty, with number one being the most difficult but also the most profitable.

The Best Way to Earn Money From My Music

Sell music, get downloads, get more streams. For a musician in Africa, those are three pretty tough feats. While we don’t have many problems with piracy here, there are few other opportunities for musicians to earn money from their music and their performances. But there is hope.

The only way to make it work is by generating enough money through sales and streams so that you can invest back into your marketing channels as well as your personal music career. So here’s what you do…

  1. Focus on building an audience
  2. Build your fan base
  3. Promote yourself
  4. Get paid.

Let’s start at step one!

Focus on building an audience: This is probably going to be your biggest challenge but also where you’ll see results fastest. The key here is to focus on something big like finding sponsors or organizing events or working with brands or something along those lines (more about that later).

make money from music

You need to start by identifying a problem people want solved then solve it yourself and use social media as your tool of choice (you’ll see why soon). Now I know what you’re thinking how am I supposed to find sponsors? How will they even notice me? And how will I know if they’re interested in sponsoring me? That’s easy.

Just create content that solves problems for them and share it with them via email or social media. If they love it, they’ll reach out to you themselves. If not, keep creating more content until someone does reach out to you! It may take some time but just remember persistence pays off.

The Top 3 Ways to use your Music as an Entrepreneur

Sell Music

Music sales and downloads can be your first source of income from your music. This income can come from selling your original music, selling covers of other artists’ songs (known as a cover song), or both. Note that selling does not mean you have to do it yourself—you can distribute copies through online marketplaces such as Amazon Music and iTunes.

The amount you sell it for is up to you! You also earn royalties when people download or stream your cover songs, just like with any copyrighted work. You don’t even need a record label! If you’re interested in making money from music sales and downloads, check out our tips on how to make money selling music.

Get Downloads

Music promotion is another great way to make money with your music. Promotion could mean anything from sending out press releases about an upcoming concert or album release, booking shows at local venues, getting featured on blogs and podcasts, or doing interviews on radio stations.

Promoting your music can help increase traffic to your website where you can then offer products and services (like merchandise) in exchange for cash. It’s important to note that promoting doesn’t always translate into revenue; sometimes it’s simply about raising awareness about who you are and what you do. For tips on music promotion, check out our guide to music marketing.

get more streams

Get More Streams

Streams and plays can be another great way to monetize your music. In fact, if you want to learn how to make money from music streaming, we’ve got a guide for that too! Whether it’s SoundCloud or Spotify, there are tons of ways you can get paid every time someone listens to one of your tracks. To learn more about monetizing music streams and plays, read our guide on using streaming sites for profit.

make money from music

The Top 3 Apps for Musicians in Africa

If you’re serious about making money from your music, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with SoundCloud, TuneCore and YouTube. SoundCloud is a free audio-sharing platform that allows musicians of all genres and skill levels to post their songs. On SoundCloud, listeners can stream your tracks (similar to Pandora) or follow your profile (similar to Twitter).

The more followers and plays you get on SoundCloud, means higher visibility. Although SoundCloud doesn’t pay directly for streaming, it does allow artists to sell their music through its partner site TuneCore.

This service charges a fee based on how many streams you get per month and will give you access to distribution channels like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon MP3. Finally, YouTube offers an easy way for artists to share videos of themselves performing live as well as studio recordings.

Once again, building up your channel will help drive traffic back to your website or social media accounts where people can buy tickets or albums directly from you. In addition to driving sales, there are also several ways musicians can make money on YouTube by promoting products or brands in their videos.

An excellent example of using brand sponsorship to earn extra cash is Africa For Norway by P-Square. In order to land big brand sponsorships, you need thousands of subscribers—which means you need lots of views. So if you want people watching your videos online, it helps if they already know who you are and what kind of music they should expect when visiting your page.

make money from music
recording tips

The Top 3 Tips For Recording, Editing and Mastering

Recording, editing and mastering are key aspects of creating a song. A great song won’t sound good if it isn’t recorded properly. Editing and mastering turn a good recording into a great one. These processes help make sure that each piece of music is clear and easy to listen to. Here are three tips for all three processes

  • Listen to your songs from start to finish: You should always listen to your songs from start to finish after you have completed recording, editing and mastering. This helps you hear what needs improvement or additional work.
  • Learn about equipment: Having an understanding of equipment can help you create better sounding recordings. When you understand how something works, you can identify when something isn’t working correctly and fix it before releasing your final product.
  • Get professional assistance: If there is anything that could affect your business negatively in any way – whether through cost or time – then get professional assistance as soon as possible so nothing gets overlooked or ignored later on down the road. With these three tips in mind, now would be a good time to take action! Follow them and see where they lead you. Best of luck with your music career!
Mistakes to avoid wen starting

Key Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting Out

  1. Don’t underestimate how hard it is. If you don’t think you can handle all of it, maybe you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur in music yet.
  2. Don’t just want to make money; I want my band or music business partner to make money too so we can do it full-time and try to sustain a life doing what we love!
  3. Never accept that No one likes your genre of music so you will never make any money from your art. That never works; in every field of entrepreneurship, especially if they are trying new things, there are always opportunities available (you just have to find them).
  4. It takes time to build up anything, even if you have some talent and resources at hand. Just because you started out with nothing doesn’t mean it will take forever to become successful, but it might take longer than you expect or than others expect for you.
  5. You need more than talent and passion: You need dedication, persistence, determination and discipline too!
  6. Be prepared for rejection: It comes with being an entrepreneur in general but also when starting out as a musician/entrepreneur – people may not like your music no matter how good it is; someone else may steal your idea before you can even start working on it yourself; people may not like your products no matter how well made they are…
  7. Don’t let anyone hold you back: No one knows better than you whether your dream is worth pursuing or not.
  8. Find other entrepreneurs who know more about specific areas of running a business in music and learn from them: There are lots of great forums online where musicians help each other out; reach out to those communities and get advice about specific problems you face when starting out.
  9. Focus on long term goals: While getting paid by fans immediately after releasing something new would be nice, it’s unlikely to happen right away unless you’re already famous – remember that success takes time!
  10. Make sure people actually enjoy listening to your music first – otherwise why would they pay for it? 🙂
  11. Have fun! 🙂
make money from music


We’ve reviewed how to start a music business in Africa. In short, there are plenty of opportunities for musicians and music enthusiasts alike who want to start their own music business. But it’s important not to get in over your head.That’s why it’s important that you thoroughly research your market potential and know exactly what resources are available for you before starting off on your own.

One other tip is that if you have any musical talent yourself, try posting some of your tracks online and see if you can gain traction; YouTube is a great place for anyone interested in starting a career in music (whether as an artist or a producer) due to its wide reach across global markets. If you really want to be successful, though, make sure you learn from others who’ve been down that road already—and hopefully we’ve helped with that today! Good luck!

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